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The "Appraisal Process" as found within most property insurance policies operates as an "Alternative Dispute Resolution" process for resolving disputes in any claim. The process is much faster and far less costly that going straight to litigation and may be found within the policy provisions of the applicable insurance contract. In many instances, the process is required before litigation can proceed.

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Our Team

Kevin Hromas is the CEO and Principle for Kevin Hromas & Associates - a Division of US Insurance Information LLC. 

Joel Moore is a Certified Insurance Appraiser and Certified Insurance Umpire and serves as the company's primary appraiser.

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News & Publications

Kevin Hromas and Joel Moore to present a seminar on "The Appraisal Process in the US - 50 Different States ... 50 Different Processes" to the Lloyds of London marketplace in November.

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We appreciate that you were always efficient and timely in preparing your estimates and in keeping us apprised of the status of the appraisal process.  In addition, we value the proficient, courteous, and forthright manner in which you interfaced with the other appraisers and umpires on the damage issues. Your thorough analysis of the alleged damages, as well as your experience and knowledge was quintessential in our ability to secure favorable resolutions throughout the litigation. Without a doubt, the decision to bring your firm into the appraisal process on behalf of our client was paramount to our successful defense of the litigation.

Roger Oppenheim

Lorance & Thompson, P.C.